9 Oregon hikes that you should clear your schedule for.

These 9 Oregon hikes stirred in me a passion, drawing magnificent lessons on my life’s canvas.

Go ahead, clear your schedule for the afternoon and see what the below hikes paint for you.


1. Munra Point


Life is meant to be lived to it’s edges, to remember every second until your feet hit this one and to remind you how precariously you’ve balanced on the edge.

2.Drift Creeks Falls


Sway with the path that leads you toward new opportunities, those paths are lit with magic.

3.Cascade Head 


Take a deep breath in the confluence between where you are and where you’re headed- take note of that pivotal space.

4. The Badlands


Just maybe, good and bad are only mirages and these moments can be reframed with a fresh drink of water.

5. Neahkahnie Mountain


Imagine where you could travel to, if you let yourself sit atop the wind and knew that it was leading you somewhere extraordinary- where you were meant to be.

6. Coyote Wall


Out of breath and weary, wipe the sweat from your brow and continue on. There’s a field of flowers at the top I promise, you simply have to climb first.

7. Ecola State Park 


Roll with the tides, regardless of whether the tide is high or low, the sea air breathes a calming force and brings with it an ocean of possibilities.

8. Oneonta Gorge


Chills travel from the soles of your feet in anticipation of what the next step will bring. Plant each one with possibility.

9. Eagle Creek Loop 47302854-819C-415B-8AEC-26BA8719B7D5

The mountains cast no judgement, they sit idly by, rewarding your efforts with a slight nudge forward and the proud silence only a Mother could exude.


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